Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Beginning

My Journey as a Stay at Home Dad begins on July 31, 2013. My Wife went into set up her room and I was ALONE. I have been left alone with all three but never for the entire day. We awoke early to begin the preparations just like a regular work day for my wife so she could start getting used to the schedule she would have to maintain for the school year. The day was going great everyone had breakfast and played. My son likes to play on the pool deck (we have a safety fence around the pool so do worry) outside with the dog.  He asked for some chips, in pink bowl. SO me being the good father I oblige and give him his snack in the required bowl. He took them outside and sat on the deck next to the dog. I was watching him through the window as he places the bowl on the ground. Now, anyone with a dog knows what will result. He didn’t miss a beat he and the dog shared the chips and when finished he came in and asked for more… "Can Chloe and I have some more chips?”

I even took on the project of sorting the clothes in my oldest son’s closet and finished. Everything was going awesome…

When done I was watching the twins fight over some toys and I started think….hmmm QUIET 2-Year-Old…OHH SHH! The hunt begins! I start my search and I don’t locate him. So I call out is name… ”I’m Right Here” he responds. When I finally discover where here is my jaw drops. We had a party for my dad’s 60th birthday party at our house a few days before and had plastic cups and people wrote their names on the cup with a marker. Everyone is thinking about this and has done this knows what kind of marker used for this task. SHARPIE. Enough said right oh no it was amazing. He had it EVERYWHERE.  

See what I mean EVERYWHERE, even the chair in the background.

His response to being caught... "I didn't mean to."
Me: umm
Him: I did it in Mommy's Classroom
Me: umm
Him: I didn't mean to.
Me: its okay

I even texted my wife the picture and she showed it around work and got a few laughs.

Product Review:

Sharpie Marker:
I love Sharpie Markers and anything with the Sharpie name, but when you are at the store and buy a Sharpie Marker buy an Expo Marker too (it’s like a Magic Eraser for Sharpie Markers, except on walls) I can tell it’s a quality marker in that it takes 4 to 5 coats of paint to cover a scrubbed down drawing on the wall. It make a difficult to remove body paint not recommended for this use.


Magic Eraser:

                WOW… No mess is too tough.

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