Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Beginnings of a Plan

                              Every adventure requires a plan. Is mine a good plan? I hope so... I am going to treat it like a full-time job, because it is.  I am going to have my own uniform…okay so shorts a t-shirts are much of a uniform but it’s not boxers or pajamas. I am going to follow a schedule...flexible schedule. I am going to do thing differently and try to maintain a sharp and active mind.  I have procured materials from the dollar store and plan on using my K-6 skills to teach a two year old to read.
                I have the idealistic approach and need to maintain the closest I can to the schedule I set and follow it as much as I can to the letter. I have to be patient and understanding to the needs of children come first and the schedules also need to be flexible too. Structure is a good thing but it isn’t always what is best.  Children can’t always follow a schedule.
                I have to maintain focus and keep a goal in mind. I am going to measure each day as a success or failure. I am going to keep the house clean, cook dinner, and do laundry and dishes. I would also like to use down time to watch a movie or play Xbox. I should be able to have some time.
Revisions to the plan have to come as needed so I have to remember to be flexible. I think a good goal would be to not need to call 911 or have a severe injury of sorts.
COMING SOON: Awesome Idiosyncrasies of the Children of a SAHD
Weekly Posts to follow…

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