Thursday, August 1, 2013


Hello let me first introduce myself. My name is Marc and I am a thirty-four year old unemployed father of three (a two year old boy, Kyler ,and 8 month old twins, a boy, Kole, and a girl, Kennedy), about to begin the adventure of being a stay at home father. My kids are more important to me well over a job. I am also educated; I have a degree in Elementary Education with endorsements in Reading and ESOL. I was a 5th grade teacher at a local public school and I was non-renewed.

I have been a father for a little over two years… What was my life like before fatherhood? Well My wife and I were living on one income, hers. She is a teacher at a public elementary school and I was in school and subbing. I did everything but I monopolized my free time by playing video games and watching movies.  We had been married for just under two years and we got the wonderful line on the stick. I later wrapped it in a box and gave it to my mother to tell her the news. She was thrilled about the new but not the pee. We didn’t wait long to tell but I told one person first, My Uncle Jim. Why would I tell him first? Well I wanted him to know that we were going to use his wife my Auntie’s name (Robin) as a middle name. We were going to tell everyone the big news the next day. I was getting ready to sub and was halted from my routine by a phone call; it was my mom with news of her own. Her news would both break my heart and make me believe in something more than myself for the first time in my life. My Uncle Jim passed away shortly after I spoke to him. I was devastated, and I called my mom’s side of the family that day to tell them the news of the baby, it was such an uplifting moment at a difficult time of need.

We eventually started looking to buy a house that was larger than what we were renting. We finally chose a four bedroom and 3 baths home. We had an experience in purchasing the Short Sell home. We started in April and finally closed in July. We moved in quickly because School was about to start and I was finishing up with my internship.

With us settled in and awaiting the grand arrival of Kyler Robin. His entrance was perfect. I could not ask for anything more.  Life was perfect. We had a home with a pool, and enough room to grow, there was even a man cave for myself.

I finished school and subbed while Kyler eventually land in a home daycare. I took a long-term position to finish out the year. I was hired that summer to teach fifth grade and we began to enjoy our life with Kyler. As my first year of teaching finished we found out we were having another.  At an appointment the doctor informed us there might be more than one baby in there…and the rest is history.

Let’s get into the events that led to my current condition…THEY ARE UNKNOWN. Why would I not know? As a resident of the state of Florida I am told I don’t have a right to know it is a right to work state, so I am left to only guess and read the mind of the principal who didn’t think enough of me to give me a third year teaching, or second year for her.  

What would my guess be for my current condition? I can only make this assumption and keep that in mind I hope this is not the reason, only because I hope someone that is in control of a school that educates elementary school kids could be this sadistic. My guess is that I missed a large amount of time last school year, I would say close to 20 days, the year before it was far smaller, in fact I had days remaining at the  end of the year. What was the cause for my increase, well that is the sadistic part, my wife was pregnant with twins, a well-known fact, and I had a two year old that was often sick with numerous illnesses that eventually landed him in the hospital 3 times this calendar year, twice for illness, and once for the removal of his tonsils and adenoids, with the insertion of tubes in his ears. We later took him to an immunologist and he was diagnosed with suspected periodic fever syndrome. (Not confirmed and could never be confirmed because there is an 80% cure rate for periodic fever syndrome with tonsillectomy)

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