Monday, June 29, 2015


Why do I support equality?


As a family bringing up 3 very small children about to discover who they are and who they will become, equality is paramount.

I'm not saying I wish my children to be gay or straight. That's for them to discover, not for me to decide. I can say I don't wish them any struggles in their discovery. What they find will truly be their own.  I am their father and will stand with them on their journey through life. I'll help them up when they fall and I'll praise them for their successes. I don't want my kids to hide who they are but celebrate who they are. It's a long journey and they shouldn't have to make it alone.

The reactions of people to the ruling on Friday showed me there is still intolerance in this world. Seeing the reactions I was amazed at the negativity mixed with the rainbows. Love Wins wasn't everywhere but it was there and mixed with the rainbows like a rainbow of freedom. If you don't support equality that's your decision and I can respect that, but it doesn't make your archaic views correct. 

I applaud you SCOTUS on equality for all. Equality for the future and a chance to make us a better more tolerable country. 


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