Sunday, August 24, 2014

The 5 Worst Kid's Meal Toys My Kids Have Unfortunately Were Disappointed With

5: The Minion Slide Whistle
This sorry excuse for a slide whistle didn't function at all. I was disappointed and thrilled at the same time. The rest of the minion toys were functioning and entertaining to my son.

4: World Cup Soccer Ball Things

I had no idea what they were from the yellow bird/duck thing resembled nothing I had ever seen before. When I googled them I discovered it was Tom and Jerry. Being made into soccer ball they lost all recognizable characteristics. They look like fat faces. Looking at the images be lofe the ball are removeable for the their holders as well.

3: The Blow Car

They looked like a cool concept and the cars were pretty sweet looking. However the masher blower thingy wasn't functional. The cars went less than 5 inches when it was mashed. Disappoint at it's best. 

2: NFL Rush Zone

Where do I start with these utter garbage pieces of crap. They were meant to look goofy, I hope. My thought was they would introduce my son to the NFL, instead they introduced him to crappy cheap toys that don't work. The ball never sat properly on the hand even with the notch system. Maybe stuffed footballs next time because I stepped on these hard crush proof (must be because I am not small) balls and fell several times.

Writing this had me nostalgic for my favorite toys I got from kids meals like the McDonald's Changeables or for you that don't care about copyrights the Transformer Foods.

Some of my favorites that my kids have received  were the Lego Cups and numerous Batman toys. He loves his Batman on the BatCycle that goes when you push down on the cape.

1: Spider-Man Pink
This attempt at gender segregation was horrendous. First of all Spider-Man isn't pink. He has never been pink. When approached about the gender segregation McDonalds denies it was gender specific. They say it wasn't designed for boy/girl separation but then why did the store ask if the meal was for a boy or a girl. I have 2 boys and 1 girl and I got 2 blue and red toys and one pink toy. Anyone that enjoys Spider-Man does so in the original form and does need a pink version of it.

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